Photoblog of Spiez- a small town in Switzerland

Spiez, Switzerland

The scenic beauty of Switzerland leaves us in awe. All the 26 cantons of Switzerland are full of beautiful, picturesque small towns and villages. Usually most visitors plan for Zurich, Geneva or Interlaken for their Swiss destination. However, to appreciate the true beauty and nature of Switzerland, you should visit the lesser known part of the country. For example, one such hidden gem is the town of Spiez, which is situated in the canton of Bern in the German speaking part of the country. Embedded between Lake Thun and Swiss Alps, Spiez offers postcard perfect scenery.

How to get there

Like the rest of the Europe, the best way to reach Spiez is using the efficient Swiss railway. Spiez is a hub from the big Swiss cities via railway and can be reached within a short time from Bern, Zurich and Geneva. Travelling from Zurich to Spiez takes around one and a half hour. The railway station is on a high ground, from there you have to go down to the main town center.

What to see and experience

The city center of Spiez is small enough to navigate on foot. However, the main attraction of the town is the scenic beauty of Lake Thun alongside the town and mountain. Further attractions include the Spiez castle, with a millennia old tower, where you can visit the castle museum and church. Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities for water and mountain-based activities like swimming, sailing, rafting, biking, paragliding, climbing. Related to this, interested visitors can go to the tourist information center for further information and reservation. The Spiez harbour is quite a beaty itself. Moreover, there is a hotel and resturant adjacent to the harbour, which serves fresh fishes from the lake Thun. Besides these, there is a vineyard behind the castle, where local Spiezer wine is produced.

Photoblog of Spiez, Switzerland

View from the rail station


A street with a view


Welcoming landscape architecture


Breathtaking Spiez


Typical Swiss House


Spiez harbour


Harbour decoration


Tower of Spiez castle


Vineyard behind the castle


Lake Thun


Oh That view!!


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